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Teeth Whitening


Rejuvenates your smile

2-8 shades brighter

1 single treatment in 30 min.

Take years off your appearance



Sunless Tanning


In less than 10 minutes you can

have an amazing glow

You will look natural

No streaking, no orange solution



Red Light Therapy


Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Firms aged, tired skin

Safe, natural process that requires

no needles, surgery or lasers





Get a great tan in as little

as 8 to 15 minutes

2-4 Level Beds offered

Both UVA and UVB Therapy offered



Hydro Massage


Decreases blood pressure


Increase oxygen intake


Increases muscular range of motion


Reduces stress and fatigue


Hydration Station


This steam moisturizes your skin


Great for detoxification


Extends your tanning results


Decreases wrinkles and age spots


Lumiere Facial


Improves skin clarity and tone


Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles


Immediate tightening of the skin


Clear and soothe acne prone skin 

Cyber Massage Chair


Increases circulation


Improves skin tone and digestion


Relieves neck and back pain


Invigorates tired feet and legs